Shopping streets in Sydney

QVB & Town Hall, Sydney

Sydney as the biggest city in Australia and one of the busiest places around is a commercial, financial, media and fashion hub. No doubt there are almost endless opportunities how, what or where to shop. Sydney is crossed with thousands of streets creating wide spread web of concrete. On these streets are some of the best shopping opportunities around the globe. Shopaholics would find a heaven on Sydney’s streets. Just consider the city centre with George, Pitt, Castlereagh and King streets than Crown street in Surry Hills and Oxford street in Paddington, small streets in Darlinghurst or King street in Newtown, so the list could go on and on. Check more tips for shopping in Sydney.

George street is one of the longest and busiest in the city hosting the best and well know retailers and the iconic Queen Victoria Building. Across the street opposite QVB there’s another diamond in the crown known as The Strand Arcade a showcase of elegance, design and style built in Victorian Sydney. Heading north towards Martins Place you would reach high end fashion boutiques square. Good tip is to reserve a whole day when shopping on George Street.

Pitt street with it’s Pitt Street Mall which contains more than 500 speciality stores and other four shopping centres along can be easily considered as a centre of shopping in Sydney.

Pitt Street Mall

Castlereagh street is another busy street in CBD lined by Sydney’s most expensive boutiques and jewellery shops. Speaking about high end fashion and jewellery Castlereagh street is the right destination to brighten your day.

Oxford Street is well known among Sydneysiders as a place where several best Australian and International fashion designers operates, if you are after vintage or retro style you never go wrong on Oxford. With the Paddington Markets housing over 250 stalls the street becomes more alive and busy.

Oxford Street

Newtown’s main King street is a showcase of a unique spirit you can’t find anywhere in the city. A hub for students, hipsters, punkers, gothic and ethnic groups stuffed with ethnic food restaurants, vintage fashion and book shops, retro and second hand places next to cozy coffee shops and graffiti walls, traffic jams, flashing night neon lights, underground music and noisy streets, yes this is Newtown.