Jake —
Josh Spilker

You hit the nail on the head, and I think these writers offer a lot of great advice. Even though the people I mentioned are primarily oriented toward business or personal development, their work in those fields are their art. But that whole writing about the “art of art” line got me. It’s like, how did we get to this point where the cultivation of self-help or how-to articles is more important than the accomplishments they’re meant to inspire?

Alongside Cal Newport, one prominent voice on Medium doing similar is Jon Westenberg. He’s encouraging as all get-out and gives great advice, but more than that he shares glimpses into his real work/art and even makes some of it freely available. It’s that up-close look into what he’s doing that really affirms he’s worth listening to, not just another opinion seeking validity through heart-clicks. It just really helps me move past the “bullshit artist?” question in my head when reading something from someone new. So glad to see you encouraging more people to obtain and share real experience.

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