“I fantasmi di Endmoon” a new dark fantasy by Sabia Eileen

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Aug 22 · 3 min read

Available the new #darkfantasy of #IFantasmidiEndmoon #EileenSabia, by the same author of #BloodyBride #Lasposadelvampiro and #Unuomosenzazuore, two #fairytales #dark


Sabia Eileen

ebook $ 1.10 and paperback $ 5.49

England 19th Century
Terence Baker Lee, a London doctor of aristocratic origin, suddenly finds himself catapulted into a past he has tried to forget for years. His father Edward Baker Lee died under mysterious circumstances.

The doctor decides not to attend the funeral but the Lord’s lawyer formally requests the presence of the young man for the opening of the will.

Terence reluctantly leaves London with the firm intention of stopping at Endmoon, the historic family estate where his father lived with his second wife, the time strictly necessary to carry out the formal duties.

But the arrival in that eerie estate dispersed in the English countryside, constantly shrouded in fog, awakens nightmares in him that he hoped he had forgotten.

Surrounded by the distressing memories of a childhood of suffering and abuse, Terence has to confront the inhabitants of that house. Constantly covered with a shroud of sadness and fear.

Lady Antonia, widow of her father, young and fragile woman seemingly on the brink of madness. Mary Harris, eerie housekeeper, still faithful to the memory of the late Lord Baker Lee.

Mr. Wilson, an algid, cynical butler who seems to be hiding secrets that must remain buried.

And Randall Evans, lawyer of the late Lord Edward, who, somehow, tries to protect the Lord’s widow from his own folly.

Finally there is Endmoon, the ancient and historic home of the Baker Lee family. Once a vestige of prestige and wealth.

It has become a grave for those who live there. Haunted by eerie presences, shaken by chilling screams that tear the silence of the nights that seem eternal between those walls.

A house that breathes and lives its own life, leading to madness even those who are forced to stop there only for short periods.

So, despite his firm intentions, Terence Baker Lee finds himself in turn a prisoner of that place that has never felt home.

Threatened by a spirit seeking his vengeance. Surrounded by the hostility of characters who have no intention of accepting that he is the new owner of Endmoon.

And burdened by the weight of his father’s last wishes, one last vessation towards him. A chain that Lord Edward wanted to tighten around his soul.

Because he never forgave him for his escape to London. Because after all, he never abandoned the idea of being able to chain him back to that earthly hell that is Endmoon.

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