The Mediterranean Sea, Tyr, Lebanon. Photography by Ilse Frech, 2016.

My essay of a quintessential journey started almost three years ago, when I resided in Beirut, Lebanon, as artist-in-residence at Ashkal Alwan Lebanon starting March 2016. Home again, three months later, I tried to summarize my stay, that one could depict as if belonging to a wuthering Greek tragedy that…

Amorgos, Greece 2016 — Photograph & copyright by Ilse Frech.

It will be twenty-seven years ago, that my father passed away. That evening I heard birds singing, as loud as they did during my father’s short sickbed of only six weeks. They were the first weeks of spring, in the year 1992. It was mid May, when we experienced our…

Greenland Ice Melt, photograph copyright by Ian Joughin, University of Washington

As I went to see or rather, experience, the VR presentation of RISING by Marina Abramovic at EyeFilmmuseum, I didn’t know what to expect. I must say, I’m a fan when it comes to VR, I truly love to look around, wander in a universe not known to me, for…

Ilse Frech

Filmmaker. Documentary photographer. A poetic observant of reality, Frech explores the meaning of art in relation to identity, Body Politic, sense of belonging.

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