The Type of History Degrees that are Offered

ilse krampitz
Oct 9, 2018 · 2 min read

A history degree is a great course which several careers and people who have taken it at different levels have occupied different positions. Some of the most common careers which have been associated with history include the archivist, archaeologist, academic librarian, information officer, a broadcast journalist as well as a civil service administrator among other careers. However, these careers are gotten by people who have attained history degrees. It is also good to understand that the history degrees are of different types and for the purposes of knowledge, some of them will be discussed in the following context. Here’s a good read about history degree, check it out!

The first kind of degree in history is known as the associate degree. This type of history degree is offered majorly by the common colleges which are community-based. It is usually referred to as the entry point for everyone who wants to get into a career with history. It comprises of about sixty units which every student must take in order to qualify and graduate with an associate degree in history. Many people who study the associate degree in history usually start it with the intention of furthering the studies to a higher institution where they can take advanced history courses and units. The students of the associate history degree can take the course either for part-time hours or even can decide to take for full time. The program is set to take a maximum of two years although students who are willing to take summer classes can shorten the time and take the course in less than two years. To gather more awesome ideas, click here to get started

The second type of history degree is the bachelor’s degree. Now this one is more advanced than the associate degree. This one consists of about one hundred and twenty units which the student needs to take before he or she graduates. Also, unlike the associate degree which takes two years, the bachelor’s degree takes four years before completion. The students willing to take this degree in history are usually at liberty to do it from a local or distant private institution or even in a public institution.
Masters and the Ph.D. are the other two types of degrees a graduate in history can take. These are top two degree honors in history, and they are taken after the student has, first of all, graduated with the bachelor’s degree from either a public or private institution. A good and a willing student can the two courses concurrently and complete successfully. Please view this site for further details.