DJ Booth

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DJ Booth is an interactive I designed, coded, and installed while a Creative Technologist at the Museum of Ice Cream. In this interactive guests are able to become a DJ, using real DJ Controllers to control music and lights. As guests play with the turntable, they control the playback of the music in their headphones, but additionally, they control the animated light in a 1-to-1 interaction; when they stop, slowdown, or speedup the turntable, the animations also stop, slowdown, or speedup.

Guides ‘testing’ the interactive

The interactive uses Java/Processing to interpret turntable data and pipe that through to both VirtualDJ and MadMapper. In MadMapper the velocity and direction are mapped to the speed of the shaders, which are then pixel mapped to the LED bars manufactured by MapMapper’s parent company. All this creates a seamless and tight audio-visual interactive.

Stay tuned for future iterations!




EYEBEAM Resident ‘14-’15 ⁠ Parsons’ Design+Technology BFA ‘15-’19 ⁠ Eid and Chill 🕋

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Iltimas Doha

Iltimas Doha

EYEBEAM Resident ‘14-’15 ⁠ Parsons’ Design+Technology BFA ‘15-’19 ⁠ Eid and Chill 🕋

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