My Nuclear Plant

Upscale Internet of Things toy nuclear power plant

Iltimas Doha
1 min readFeb 19, 2018
Slide Deck
Accompanying Zine

My Nuclear Plant is a toy to help children understand the benefits nuclear power. The final product reflects three targeted outcomes:

  1. Inform children of the environmental impact of nuclear power
  2. Push children to think about quantum — a field of research that will be important as they grow up and for the future of mankind.
  3. Create a toy to reflect the design sophistication the younger generation interacts with on a daily bases.

The toy balances structured play, i.e games, and unstructured play, i.e. make-believe, that children participate in. This is done by including games embedded in the device and by creating a larger environment around the product, with a web interface and zine.

Please look through the slide deck to see some of the process.

I’ve also included the accompanying zine, illustrated and designed by Jacqueline Hynes.



Iltimas Doha

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