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Creativity and copyright

I don’t currently share a lot of my creativity. This isn’t really because I’m shy or I’m worried about judgment though. I worry about when I start sharing my ideas and art, whether it be music arrangements or lyrics that I’ve written, photographs I’ve taken, or even just an idea for a new song, someone else could use it as their own. Content theft isn’t new, and the custom continues today, from huge accusations like Led Zeppelin ripping off one of their most famous melodies, to users stealing jokes on the internet.

Anthony Clark (Artist) The Internet (Comic) Retrieved from http://nedroidcomics.tumblr.com/post/41879001445/the-internet

Due to the nature of copyright laws in Australia, according to the Australian Goverenment Attorney-General's Department, there are no formalities that need to be seen for a work to be protected by copyright, and a work is protected under copyright from the time it was created (2015). I only learnt this recently. It’s nice to know that if I have a tangible sample of my ideas that I’ve created myself, then it’s protected. As long as it’s original. They are original by the way, I think. My ideas are many parts of my influences combined to produce an original work. I havent copied anything directly, I’ve taken influence from the style of many different artists to write music that becomes the culmination of my identity as an artist.

It’s difficult to say, though, whether my ideas are a remix or not. I showed a friend of mine one of my songs recently, and one of the first observations he made was about what it sounded like. He said it sounded like a Foo Fighters song, and made the noise of the intro. I’m a pretty big fan of the Foo Fighters, and I knew instantly which song he meant. It was the song Rope from their 2011 album Wasting Light. It’s in the same key as my song. I didn’t think there was any resemblance in any of the song other than the first chord, but it did make me realise how easy it might be to tread on other peoples work when you’re trying to find new ground.

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