Waves-Dapp.com — Auto-generated UI for Waves dApps

Ilya Smagin
Nov 20 · 1 min read

It works!

Waves Development Ecosystem

Currently, the Waves ecosystem provides several useful tools for developers:

Despite this, early testing, use and management of dApps can be somewhat complicated and tedious due to the need for manual scripting, building temporary UIs, and so on.Waves-Dapp.com


Waves-dApp.com provides an auto-generated UI from dApp meta information and works via Waves Keeper and/or other Web3 providers inside the Waves ecosystem.

It works with mainnet, testnet, stagenet, and even customnet(localhost:6869). Just paste a dApp address in the searchfield or url, and the app will figure out the network from the bytes of the address and operate with the correct node. If you forget to switch Waves Keeper’s network, the website recognizes this and prompts you with a warning.

When the user invokes a function, Waves Keeper pops up and requests confirmation.

Who is this for?

  • Developers can condunct early testing and try out functionality as the contract is being implemented.
  • Testers have full access to all callable functions.
  • dApp Administrators don’t need a separate interface to be built: the Waves-dApp UI is simple and powerful enough.
  • Hackers can inspect a dApp and try out various attacks in a user-friendly way :)


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