Client: CheapOair
Role: Product designer
Platforms: iOS and Android
Year: 2017


CheapOair is one of the most popular flight booking websites in the US. They were well known for the lowest price and customer support. As the product is too popular, management doesn’t want to upgrade UX much. For many years they were just fixing small parts in UI and added new features. With a team of PM, Mobile Tech Lead and me we decided to create a new app concept based on business requirements, user’s feedback and competitors research. …

Role: Co-founder, product designer
Platform: Web
Year: 2018


This is my first startup that we worked on with my friend and partner Alex. Initial idea was to create a website where people book author’s tours and guides that could manage all tours in one place. I was responsible for design and Alex for development. This is my first experience of creating a startup and I learned a lot. So I want to share with you my process and issues that I faced during this journey.


Guidefoot is a place, where tourists can find experience, emotions and like-minded people. Tourists could…

Many years I’ve been receiving inspiration from other designers usually in design communities like Dribbble and Behance. But in one day I thought not only how other designers work but also live, how they make decisions and what their lifestyles in common. Most of them not only designers, they good marketers, businessmen and startupers. They never stop in design and trying to use core skills for other things. Every time you come to their profiles you’ll find something interesting that will inspire you to make new things. …

About two years ago I planed to build my own website. A year ago I bought domain name and started working on it, year after it went live. If you think that it took me a year to build website, then no — I spent only 2 month, in between full-time job and freelance. It was hard to start this project even after purchasing domain name🙄

So why do I need personal website?

My main goal was to summarize all my projects and reach potential clients and recruiters. …

Ilya Zoria

Product designer.

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