The Internet Has no Borders: Setting up Coding Schools along the US / Mexico Border

Today the new US President officially announced that he will start building a wall between the United States of America and Mexico in order to keep the “bad hombres” out of the US.

Being in Berlin right now, I find this especially troubling and almost medieval in how rudimentary and outdated such a “solution” to a problem that doesn’t even exist is.

So, this got me thinking…

One of our values at VanHack is “The Internet has no Borders” and with this in mind, we have decided to build coding schools and development shops along the US / Mexico border as close to the construction of the wall as possible.

In fact, this is already happening. There are tons of Mexican tech professionals working in the US, both in person and remotely. We all know this wall is just a symbol to get votes and we want to highlight how empty this project really is.

The President should be worried about the much bigger issues facing the American people and the world in the 21st century, like automation replacing manual labour. (Side note: I wonder how many robots will be involved in building the wall?)

As today’s economy moves more and more into the cloud, many people the Rust Belt of the US (and around the world) are feeling left behind.

Their jobs are disappearing and the 2016 election was a reflection of the fear they feel.

Instead of playing to this fear, we should be focusing on educating people on how to thrive in the modern tech centric world.

Of course, not everyone needs to be a developer, but everyone should have a basic understanding of how to do well in this new digital economy.

In the meantime, we’ll be waiting for concrete plans (pun intended) to see where construction will start and are in touch with many Mexican tech communities to start organizing the program together with World Tech Makers, a leading coding school in Latin America and others.

And if you’d like to join us in promoting an open and globally connected economy and world, please send me an email at