Encrypted Data For Efficient Markets
Richard Craib

Structured unstructured data is worse than encrypted: it’s constructed from its source — it has only words, numbers, signs in common with its source.

This is a small sample of the structured data:
this — signify — <> : 333333
both — are — once : 333333
confusion — signify — <> : 333333
speaking — done — once : 333333
speaking — was — both : 333333
place — is — in : 250000
Do you understand what I said?

The structured unstructured data is good for searching only, it cannot be read and understood. However, it has 100% of its original source information! There are three kinds of data:
1. Unstructured data: texts. images, everything what we perceive.
2. ‘Structured data’: it’s directly of indirectly but always manually structured the unstructured data; only educated, specially trained, instructed people can understand it.
3. ‘Structured unstructured data’: it’s automatically structured the unstructured data, exactly the way all people structure it in their brains. That data cannot be understood in no way.

All companies can freely give their structured unstructured to everybody — it has no value without its sources.

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