Some of the principal arguments that will surely attract you to deploying serverless cloud computing among others are the vivid budget decrease you will incur. Subsequently, the entire essence of serverless cloud computing is that you will only make payment for the duration your code is implemented. Serverless cloud computing will result in considerably lower AWS expenses occasionally or once in a while; it sounds too decent to be factual.

Subsequently, the entire essence of serverless cloud computing is that you will only make payment for the duration your code is implemented.

Some experiences of the early serverless adopters on saving money

Reduced the cost of a minor non-mission small application by 90%

Avner Sorek one of the early serverless cloud…

A little about the experience of using serverless computing in large corporations and open source

Serverless cloud computing as the name suggests is the capability of getting out of the corporate of facilitating cloud-centered servers, for example, computing and storing. This enables you to sustain your jobs, furthermore utilize automation presented by the cloud supplier for allocating and de-allocating funds spontaneously. Without compromise, serverless computing is the next great mechanism in future technology advancement as it continues flouting on a show of the data-center and suitable a vital part to the civic cloud fraternity. …

Some interesting things about new UI

AWS CodeCommit is simply a source code storage and version-control service for Amazon Web Services’ public cloud customers, which was designed for team software development. The AWS CodeCommit was designed to help manage batches of changes across multiple files, and that can be done parallel with other changes that were made by initial developers; hence help storing data in the cloud in form of binaries thus, guarantying the security of data. Precisely, it is designed to help IT, teams, to collaborate on software development, including progressive integration and application delivery.

AWS CodeCommit can additionally be used to store anything ranging…

Future in the Cloud

Ever heard of Serverless computing?

Ever heard of Serverless computing? If you haven’t you should know that it is the new buzz word in IT. The term ‘Serverless Computing’ speaks about a form of deployment where the server is abstracted away. This does not mean that there are no servers, it’s just that you don’t have to provision the servers by yourself. It’s a modern way of hosting applications and services on infrastructure which is not managed by the end users. In server less computing, resources are provisioned on the cloud only when a specific event occurs. Resources are no longer assigned only to stay…

a bit of privacy in the clouds

In spite of most companies outsourcing payroll and many companies using external email services to hold delicate information, security is one of the most often-cited complaints to cloud computing. Cloud users face security threats both from outside and inside the cloud. Many of the security issues involved in protecting clouds from outside threats are similar to those already facing large data centers.

In the cloud, however, this responsibility is distributed among potentially many parties, including the cloud user, the cloud vendor, and any third-party vendors that users rely on for security-sensitive software or configurations. The cloud user is responsible for…

Problems using in cloud solutions

We continue to share our thoughts and experiences in cloud solutions. In particular, we want to talk about the complexities of work and the development of clouds.

Performance Volatility

Many virtual machines (VMs) can share CPUs and main memory well in cloud computing, but the network and disk I/O sharing is more challenging. As a result, different EC2 instances vary more in their I/O performance than in main memory performance. There is the problem of I/O snooping between virtual machines. One prospect is to improve architectures and to operate systems to virtualize interrupts and I/O channels.

Problems in using cloud solutions

The first part of our analysis of the subtleties and obstacles in working with cloud solutions

There are a lot of impediments in the path of growth of cloud solutions. These hindrances affect the adoption, growth, and policies of cloud computing terminology.

Today, we briefly discuss the topic: scaling and flaws in the distributed system


Pay-as-you-go indeed applies to storage and to network bandwidth, both of which compute bytes used. Cloud solutions are somewhat different, depending on the virtualization level.

Small tutorial about cloud solutions

Save money with cloud technologies

Nowadays more and more companies switch to cloud services for a number of reasons. Among the major benefits of serverless solutions are economic viability, minimization of resources needed for technical maintenance, increase of computers’ operational performance and regular update of programs. However, these benefits are only the top of an iceberg. The diversity of solutions, which might be deployed in the cloud, is huge — this gives companies an opportunity to automate very complex processes by means of specific cloud-based services

Cloud services, in general, can be divided into three main categories based on what is provided to the client…

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