How Google Helped Me Get Through a Breakup

They say, your first love isn’t the first person you give your heart to. It’s the first one who breaks it.

The following entry is inspired by this SUPER AWESOME AND COURAGEOUS STORY I came across while scrolling through Medium. 
So here’s what I was searching GOOGLE for while getting through a really bad breakup. 
The story about how I recovered.

  • Search: Radiohead Lyrics — “How to Disappear Completely”
  • Search: How to pretend you’re OK at your internship site
  • Search: Is post party depression a thing?
  • Search: Why do I feel so down after the night out ???
  • Search: How to EVERYTHING when you are going through an intense
     emotional phase
  • Search: ahsjgdahjsdgjashbdjhasbjdhas
    ( Your search —ahsjgdahjsdgjashbdjhasbjdhas— did not match any documents)
  • Search: How to respond to your friends’ anything-new-down-your-way 
     questions. (Google result: DEACTIVATE YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT)
  • Search: How to deactivate my Facebook account
  • Search: Love addiction ???
  • Search: Is there a heartbreak therapy?
  • Search: Biological explanation for love and emotions
  • Search: How to get out of bed
  • Search: What to do if I run into them
  • Search: Should I call them
  • Search: Over the Counter Anti-insomnia medication
  • Search: How to be happy
  • Search: How to be less sad
  • Search: Why is my chest burning
  • Search: I FREAKING hate Adele!!!
  • Search: Why would Adele release “Hello” during the worst time of my
  • Search: Is it OK to cry… A LOT
  • Search: Is it at all possible to forget
  • Search: Is it normal to lose 15 pounds in two months
  • Search: Loss… Stages of grief. How long does it last???
  • Search: How to accept pain
  • Search: How to accept reality
  • Search: How to forgive them
  • Search: How to forgive myself
  • Search: How to accept an apology when they never apologized
  • Search: Will I ever love again?
  • Search: Why did they force me to fall out of love with them ?
  • Search: “Letting Gopoem
  • Search: How do you know you finally got over your ex
  • Search: Why would not they want to be friends with you?
  • Search: Why am I constantly fatigued?

5 Months Later

  • Search: Sia Lyrics — “Alive”
  • Search: Smoking Cessation
  • Search: What does the weather look like?
  • Search: How to gain weight ?
  • Search: Social Work VS. Psychology VS. Sociology
  • Search: The Silberman School of Social Work
  • Search: How much does a nose piercing cost in NYC?
  • Search: How to keep my 4.0 GPA???
  • Search: How to grow hair SUPER FAST?

8 Months later

  • Search: How to tell someone you don’t like them without hurting their
     feelings when you already let them too close
  • Search: Art and electronic music festival in New Jersey
  • Search: The date sucked: Talked like my ex
  • Search: Is it that I’m having trust issues or do they all just memorize the same FREAKING sugary, sweet phrase to tell me (& possibly others) on a date?
  • Search: Fun ways to celebrate your birthday
  • Search: They walked me home and my legs were shaking as we talked
  • Search: We are on the phone too much. Is it OK?
  • Search: Am I in love?
  • Search: Why am I super emotional?
  • Search: How to not go back to smoking
  • Search: They left for a couple of months and I feel lonely.
  • Search: Anxiety when everything’s going well in your life
  • Search: Is it possible to experience love differently than the last time?
  • Search: 

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