A look inside your browser

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Creating your own JavaScript wrapper for an API

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  • Defining data models and normalization. You would need to make sure that the data you receive from the API is saved in a structured way.
  • Create a controller for the API that keeps all the methods in one place so you can easily modify and find all usages of the API…

What makes a great design system — and how can you create your own for your project or company?

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Pressure makes better programmers, faster

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Reasons to Participate in Hackathons

Now that we have covered the definition, we can start with…

Fetch-on-render, fetch-then-render, render-as-you-fetch

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Performance pitfalls and how to avoid them

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Re-Renders Matter

Alright, we identified that we may encounter some performance issues while using Hooks, but where are they coming from?

It’s all about control

Controlled input values are being kept in the local state. Every time the user changes the content of the input, the onChange function updates the React state, Component rerenders with the new value passed to Input.

Let browser do its job



During an initial…

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