If you’re unemployed, making ends meet while still putting food on the table becomes a challenge. If you’ve ever applied for unemployment benefits, you know that they usually amount to less than half of the salary you were making before.

With unemployment spiking dramatically (to say the least) and income concerns rising, grocery shopping could be compounded in the coming months.

A job loss, especially a sudden or unexpected one, is a massive blow to household finances. So how do you put food on the table with so little money coming in?

You definitely trim the fluff. The biggest culprit? Food.

You do the math, and arrive at an amount that could be sustainable if, worst-case scenario, it takes six months for you to find another job. Then you go to the store. …

While managing the current health crisis is the first priority, I would like to bring your attention on preparing for the mid and long term ripple effects.

#Innovation plays an important role in aiding & future-proofing companies & #communities.

The current crisis makes it obvious, by how many people have been living financially fragile lives.

There’s a statistic that 40% of Americans aren’t prepared for a $500 emergency.

We have a system where #societyandculture isn’t prepared for a downturn like this. You can see it in how fast the #unemployment numbers went up everywhere.

Wasteless — Sell More, Waste Less is currently waiving all costs for #supermarkets (for 1 year) that want to #automate, #integrate, & #upgrade their business for the #future, with our #turnkey #software:

  1. #AIdriven…

I’ve always loved the quote, “Why do we fall Bruce? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up”. Most of you will recognize this quote from Batman. I remember hearing it for the first time when watching the movie, and it has always stuck with me.

In a nutshell, it means we must always find a way to move forward no matter what hits come our way. It is a lesson that cannot be taught, and unfortunately has to be experienced personally. Failing is necessary. But it’s how you overcome the failure that is what’s truly important….

Society possess…

Being green isn’t the only reason for companies to get on board. Retailers that find ways to minimize food surpluses will reap financial rewards too.

Grocery retails of the future need to embrace innovation, and be agile with the implementation of it. The grocery retail is a low-margin business facing disruption from the likes of Amazon. Sure, some of the grocers have launched their own innovation labs/hubs, but the retail industry has now morphed into the tech industry, and it’s now a race!

With 50% of consumers complaining that grocery stores haven’t figured out how to use technology like other…

Entrepreneurs like myself are constantly pressured to put up a strong front and suppress their fear, their stress, their feelings. We share the infamous “I’m fine,” or “everything is good” after our friends ask how we are doing.

Some days have been really, really hard. As I’ve dealt with the insurmountable stress of building a company.

I felt suffocated with no understanding of how to snap out of it except to keep going (which only exacerbated it). I had a short temper with my significant other, my employees, my friends, and my family. My creativity level diminished significantly. I could…

People really don’t want completely self-driving cars, or at least some that do, don’t realize that they won’t. Allow me to explain…

Firstly, lets start by giving the benefit of the doubt to the so called future autonomous cars, and say that they will be perfected to avoid all accidents; human casualties, rain, snow, potholes, birds flying at a windshield, etc. :)

Now lets think about why we have cars…

We have cars so that we can get from point A. to point B. in the fastest way possible. …

Purpose gives people meaning. And when they have meaning in their lives, remarkable things happen.

Purpose. An extremely underrated word.

Employees, a company’s greatest asset, want purpose. They want to feel that their hard work is for something more than dollar signs on a revenue sheet. This is especially true for the millennial generation.

62% of millennials believe they can make a local difference. And 40% said they believe they could make a global difference.

Millennials want to join companies that have that same mentality baked into the culture’s DNA.

Research finds that 68% of consumers would stay loyal to…

Life’s too short to drive boring cars!

Manual driven cars will not disappear, what will happen is insurance will go through the roof as more self-driving cars are added to the roads. There will be some roads declared for self-driven cars only and some that will allow both.

Many people like having cars. They are places of privacy. They are vehicles whose sunk costs are turned into travel conveniences, with weekend trips to skiing and annual road.

Cars hold a special place in the imagination.

“We’re making great time”

“Zero to 60 in 7.2 seconds? …


By far the most important of the ingredients is the team. It’s important to assemble a team who is capable of executing.

1. Hire Doers

Doers will get stuff done. You don’t have to give doers tasks to know that something will get done. You’ll still have to provide direction and guidance around the most important things to be executed, but in the absence of that, a doer will make something happen.

2. Hire people you can trust

If you continually find yourself worrying what someone is doing, then you are spending brain cycles focusing on something other than the…

Ilya Movshovich

Always an Entrepreneur first! Investor, consultant, mentor, and advisor to tech startups working on changing the world for the better. www.ilyamovshovich.com

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