Last night while I was reading An Autobiography of Abdul Sattar Edhi I came cross few very powerful words by Respected Edhi “Start small” and “I can begin small but why should I start small” These words had an impact on my mind that I cannot resist thinking why Edhi sb said these words so confidently as I keep on reading that chapter (2nd) till end. When I completed lecture I was really moved by the idea which Edhi sb implemented in his life and how he keeps on making small beginnings to good deeds which later became huge achievements for all humanity. I then thought, thought for long, that what role this small beginnings play in my life and I came up with a very good example which I am going to share. The example may not seem the reader much relevant but I have to share it though. As I was in first year of my university I had to face some setbacks with my friends at the last month of year, due to some harsh situations I had to quit my friendship with my whole group. I started 2nd year feeling alone and depressed all times doing nothing but going to university and getting back home with such a sad face that everyone noticed. I kept this behavior for almost 4 or 5 months when I got in touch with a really good book “The road to success” by Fayez Sayal who is renowned Pakistan born American author and motivational speaker. In his book I learned some very basic skills of happy successful life among them one was to start something good and let it grow in your spirit. I then applied that idea deep in my mind and allowed it to grow as I started meeting new and old people with a smiling face and I joined an arts best Arts society of my university. I then get into books and whatever thing looked good to me I crawled towards that thing. I just started, I started doing things which I thought may give me comfort. In approximately 2,3 months after joining society the President of society appointed me Representative of the discipline in which I was studying as I was amazed that how I can progress so quickly I started organizing events. I organized Arts events even I was not very good in Arts. Afterwards I managed to organized events which never ever happened in our university. All these blessings happened because I decided to make small. My advice to reader is the same as Mr. Edhi said: “I can begin small but why should I start small”

Now it is that part of my life which I named “Amal”. The idea of walking up early in the morning and going out for a morning walk always fascinates me. It is a well known fact that people who usually go out for a morning walk have more healthy life and have positive attitude towards their regular activities in their entire day. I have experienced this thing in my life that those people who adopt lazy lifestyle and sleep 10–12 hours a day and do not do physical exercise are not proved successful later in their life more over they have negative approach towards their life. They lack abilities to improve and perform better in their regular life activities and rarely get a chance to do well in their practical life. Keeping all these things in my mind I always wanted to have the habit of morning walk.

In my past I, for the several times, tried to adopt this habit. Even at times I was beaten by my motivational power and I even made it to the park and enjoyed the beauty of the nature but I was not able to adopt this habit on regular basis. Sometimes I wake up early but again fell on bed thinking “Tomorrow”. Other times I unintentionally turned off the alarm when it rung as I was sleeping. The extreme laziness (Hadharami) never allowed me to go out for a walk and I had to end up with extremely silly lifestyle as I felt a kind of tiredness circulating in my blood. These and some other factors were standing like a devil on my way but finally I started thinking to beat the odds and I began to pay attention how can I motivate myself and manage to get a time to do this activity. I planned and read some quotes on morning walk and the leisure of traveling and the same night I set multiple alarms for next morning and I got up early and successfully made it to the Jillani park to now I have done this self motivated task of getting out of my comfort zone and I am regularly going to Jilani Park for a walk either in the morning or evening for last 4 days. I am really excited and feeling motivated after completing this task I am looking forward to make this habit more stronger and add few more things to meet my level of enjoyment. I will in sha Allah learn horse riding, swimming and kung Fu in future

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