Outdoor session with MY AMAL FAMILY

Unforgettable gathering

I still can’t believe that 3 months with my Amal family has officially completed and as an Amal fellow I am writing my last blog. Time never stops but time never has been so quick for me as it looked during Amal fellowship. These previous Saturdays and Sundays were the times when I really wanted time to be stopped but it can’t be stopped.

“Not letting sadness prevail happiness” ;)

I am excited on this successful completion as I achieved those best goals for which I joined fellowship even I learned those lessons and skills which I never expected to learn from this journey. But the idea of not being officially part of recreational atmosphere at Amal now is making me bitter. In fact everyone of us is having and hiding this feeling as it was evident in our last session.

being a tour guide ;)

For our outdoor session and for officially last chapter of Amal fellowship we gathered at Bundu khan in afternoon. Our dearest PM ma’am Wajeeha, best PA ma’am Mishal and all other fellows were part of meetup and everyone was in great jolly mood. Best part was Everyone was interacting with everyone. I really loved that part.

crazy stuff :D

This outdoor session was of much value for me. I could easily see the outcomes of learning throughout the fellowship in this session. This session taught me the importance of having leisure time with those best humans who were my teachers, students and friends at the same time. I was never party guy but best people around pull real out of me.

Shareef HUM :D

My friend and I didn’t sat on one place instead we moved from chair to chair, one fellow to another and cheering with everyone to make our day more memorable. We teased other fellows in funny ways and their responses were quite dangerous :D Since we are partying with best people in the town. We made selfies and photos in trying to capture these memorable moments.

squad making Amal triangles ;)
#promises :)

One of the best part of gathering was when all fellows made connections and promised to meet each other after fellowship. Some fellows gave amazing suggestions how we can stay in contact. This activity made fellows emotional and that was when we realized how deeper our bonds have grown.

I realized after these experiences that wherever I am working, whether it is some organization or workplace it is very important to take some break from work and explore worlds around with colleagues.

This outdoor session made us so crazy about spending time with fellows and we planned hangout for next day in which we did cycling ,watched a movie and went out for outing to Fortress. We had an amazing time there doing bowling and we also rode rides. In true essence we were trying to have more time with each other

Weather ❤ Leisure ;)

Officially we have completed our part of fellowship. Everything which begins has end and so did our fellowship but this is not a full-stop to connections and bonds I have made with Amal. I hope and I am sure that we fellows will be meeting in Amal campus and outdoor too. We will keep sharing our career progress in our every next meeting.

Gracious Amal, AMALteam, My beloved Fellows! ❤ ;) :)

With best wishes!


Muhammad Ilyas A.

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