HOW To Bigger Your Friend Circle

In my opinion the writer tells us how to make friends. He says that if you take interest in others you make a lot of friends in a month but if you want that other people take interest in you it would take 2 years to make a lot of friends. Writer shares a very interesting story that whenever he meets a new person he takes interest to know his/her birthday and when he become to know he memorize it and go to home write his/her birthday on the calendar to remember and when the day of birthday came he send birthday gift to him and a very surprising reply from the birthday man that you are the only one who remember my birthday. Then automatically this person take interest in writer and it one of the way to bigger your circle of friends.

The lesion which I learn from the book is how to make real friends. At last the writer write very precious words. “If you want that others like you, if you want to develop real friendship, if you want to help others at the same time as you help yourself. Keep this principle in mind. “Become genniously interested in other people”.

I apply this lession for 1 day in my life. I show interest in others like I asked questions from them: Like how are you, how was your weekend, what is your plan after graduation, how is your life going etc.

The result is that they share there plans and ideas with me. They take keen interest in my questions and told me answers. I am very surprise to see that before Appling the lesion which I learned from the book they did not show as much interest in me as they show now. They want to spend time me. I asked one of my fellow what is the weekend plan. He says that one of his friend birthday on coming weekend they make arrangement for it. I asked question from one of my class fellow that what you can do after graduation he says that he want to study but his father want to do job. I asked my Ma’am that what is her weekend plan she says that coming Friday is called black Friday and on black Friday the prince of things is low so she is going for a shopping on coming weekend. I asked one question from my civil department friend that what you can do after graduation he says that he is confuse that either I can do MS or Job.

From all this experience I learned that every one is so much busy in his life and in himself. So simple is that if you show interest in others then other also show interest in you, because everyone is keen interested in himself.

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