Advice for the Recently Ghosted

“Ghosting” is a new term to me — for those not in the know it refers to a scenario where your date cuts off all the communication without so much of an explanation or a note

What usually results is a mix of an overwhelming grief and mental anguish undoubtedly propelled by lack of answers or clues as to what happened

Having been abandoned by my partner of 2 years I decided to write a set of guidelines/notes for a future relationship and I hope that this will provide a way to move forward for anyone that might find themselves stuck in a similar situation

  • Ask questions instead of saying “Its alright” all the time
  • Some of those questions will be very difficult for both of you but the pain of dealing with them will help you to figure out whether you or your partner still want the relationship to move forward
  • Avoid people who communicate only via text messages
  • Don’t leave other person hanging in case if you don’t want to continue the relationship — you might think that you’re doing them a favor by avoiding confrontation, but in reality you’re just showing your cowardice and immaturity