Why Organizations should choose GCP — A Business Perspective
Jean-Marc Ly

After a few months of use I can say that it is very inconvenient system.

Any action on the GCE infrastructure, for example, makes to re-create objects.

As GCE administrator, I can not change any important settings of my virtual machines.

Oh my god, I can not even make a clone of the virtual machine. I can not make the image without destroying the virtual machine. I can not change the network in a virtual machine without destroying it (and other, other).

Algorithm of transfer virtual machine between projects surprised you madly. Yes, you can not move or rename a virtual machine without its destruction.

Pain, pain, pain.

After VmWare world it looks as if I was in the Stone Age.

Cloud services in GCP also not very reliable.

Recently, we have frozen Google Cloud SQL service. The server did not work more than six hours. No one will not help you without a subscription to a paid support. You just can not do anything.

The pricing policy inconvenient.

For example, Google recommends to split your infrastructure for individual projects. But the network traffic between these projects can be transmitted only over a public networks.

I.e. network traffic between projects, even within the same zone, requires the vpn connection between this projects. In GCP there is no concept of internal traffic.

The cloud VPN service from Google will cost about $60 per month for single connection (without traffic price).

Therefore, read the prices and conditions carefully. And remove from the ears marketing noodles.

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