No, the reason we lost and Trump won is because of the Electoral College.
Victoria Lamb Hatch

No, I said the other.

The small sample size gives greater inaccuracies in the interpolation result for the whole population. This statistic does not give exact figures, but it shows the general trends. I am constantly confronted with this when working with statistics.

This is important with the small difference between the indices of the two candidates.

So I think, that any use of statistics obtained in this way is indicative of propaganda directed against one of the candidates.

I am familiar with the peculiarities of liberal propaganda, and I well know how you can use inaccurate data in a dirty rhetoric. You are now trying to do this, but in rough and not very smart way.

For me personally, it was a tragedy, when the previously respected media such as CNN, BBC and others sided with Clinton and used every opportunity to denigrate Trump. For all my dislike of Trump.