Ah, you’re one of the gullible ones who believe Trump when he claims that any person or entity who…
Victoria Lamb Hatch

Yes, I allow myself to doubt, when the media, found to be in serious prejudice, doing polls of 1–2 thousand people. And based on this micro-sized sample, they make devastating statements about their opponent.

That’s what I wrote in the beginning. A great example of liberal propaganda.

What are you doing:

  1. Make poll on a very small sample
  2. Included in these poll known to you respondents
  3. Make these poll as legitimate, attracting “independent” companies and funds. Informing about the unique and very honest scientific approach to counting of votes
  4. Correctly present this information. Thus, the reader does not realize that it is 50% of 1000 respondents, and not of the 130 million real voters
  5. Crosspost this information in multiple media, giving them big weight in reader’s eyes
  6. Liberal profit! Liberal hamsters yell at each corner, how higher they are. And for the opponent vote only uneducated and unfit people.

That’s why you lost. As well as your typical liberal technique for insulting an opponent. What are you trying to do to me :)

Speaking scientifically, given the small poll sample and the small difference between the candidates, I dare to suggest that these numbers are intended to propaganda, and not to understand the real situation.

Ordinary weapon of mass destruction of the brain during the election campaign.

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