…She sat shocked and stared in my eyes deeply. There was a feeling that she’d understood anything without my words that I so intended to say.

…Sometimes, you have to do things that are laying beyond your understanding, even if they contradict with the most precious things in your life. You just have to. And I did. I put everything straight. Full stop, end of story. Now we’re falling into the abyss and there’s no way out. It seems that obscurity conquered us. It’s not only around us but it’s inside us as well.

…She pretended that she felt the same as I did, but it wasn’t so. People are sometimes hilarious, because of their stubbornness they can’t show what they really feel. In fact she was desperate, because all her life plans devastated after three words. When buildings are wilfully destroyed they collapse within seconds while preparation could last within a year.

…I still remember it as if it were yesterday, I was standing there immersed in my thoughts trying to guess when it’d been started. All of the sudden I’d noticed that she changed, she became more mellow and glanced at me differently. She was luring me with her agonising look, she hoped that I’d approach, but I didn’t. Keeping silence I went towards hallway, took my things and went out. There was a warm night in the street, but for me it seemed cold. In fact I was shivering. And from there on every night was freezingly cold, didn’t matter was somebody near or not. Actually the answer for all my struggling was just to turn round embrace her and never let her out. You never know what you’ve got till it’s gone…