• Jamie Kelly

    Jamie Kelly

  • Rohan solse

    Rohan solse

    Developer + artist # rohansolse@gmail.com

  • Vipul Basapati

    Vipul Basapati

    Tech Enthusiast, learner by birth. Workout with @laravel and @react and @node

  • Hazem Essam

    Hazem Essam

    Computer Science student. Twitter: @hazemessamm

  • PodMiners


    A blockchain-powered digital radio & podcasting platform for creators and consumers. Visit us: https://www.podminers.com

  • Rob Bhatia

    Rob Bhatia

    Tech Recruiter based in Toronto, Canada I’m on here to learn directly from Technologists what are the trends in emerging technologies.

  • Oleg Smoliy

    Oleg Smoliy

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