The Importance of STEAM Learning
Celeste Escotet

Your introduction to STEAM learning made me wonder about two things.

Video games can definitely be educational, and seeing Minecraft and Animal Crossing on the list is great considering I’ve played both of those games extensively. While I can image Minecraft being using in class, I am curious though how Animal Crossing is used in an educational context. And of course the possibilities of VR within this topic are endless, but again I’d be interested to learn about what is already being done with VR in classrooms.

Second, is there any research done as to what kids end up doing after going through these programs? What do they end up studying, how is their success in schools compared to kids not in similar programs? Or is this approach too new to have such data?

In all, it’s great to see people trying to make advancements in the traditional k-12 education.

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