On the 6th of January 2021, a violent mob invaded the US capitol in a desperate attempt to overturn the recent presidential elections which Biden had won. In amongst the protesters with giant American or confederate flags, MAGA hats and tactical gear, people could be seen with a Q symbol. This symbol, which has been seen at many far-right rallies, represents the QAnon group, who believe in ludicrous conspiracy theories which all connect to a person called “Q”. What is this group and how has the internet facilitated its growth?

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source: Mike Theiler / Reuters

It started on the anonymous message board known as 4chan…

This new year brings new meetings and interesting debates for the CSI’s MUN club, one of which took place on Saturday, January 9th, 2021. The MUN clubs from LT (Lyons Township High School), located in Chicago, and the CSI had an online meeting in order for the students to meet each other and break the ice for the planned future debates.

Many students were in attendance, from junior year to senior year of high school, all looking forward to this anticipatory interaction. The meeting began at 4:30 pm with the individual presentation of each student, including their actual positions in…

Yet again the two schools CSI Lyon and NIS Aktau met on Zoom for a debate around the following topic:

Accessibility to the COVID-19 vaccine and the necessity of international cooperation between scientific, industrial, and national entities.

During this session, the delegates were able to have a go at lobbying through the platform gather town. This led to great and animated discussions — regarding international cooperation and funding for the most — with many countries submitting a motion during the debate later.

The debate started as Haïti submitted the following motion:

Seeing the rising number of deaths from Covid-19 around…

For our second debate with the students from the CSI and the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Biology and Chemistry in Aktau, Kazakhstan, the theme was Censorship and Misinformation. Despite a few technical difficulties, the session ended successfully, debating the following motion:

Today, with the rise of social media, there is a concern for the spreading of fake news and manipulation of information, meaning that both governments and individuals tend to censor and spread false information in favor of personal interests. In response to this and also to protect individual freedom of speech, the UN proposes the following motion:

“In an…

On Friday 4th December 2020, two schools met on a Zoom call. Students from the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Biology and Chemistry in Aktau, Kazakhstan, and from the Cité Scolaire Internationale in Lyon met on Zoom for the first time. The meeting mainly consisted of icebreakers, with the aim of later being able to carry out online debates together.

Students started by briefly presenting themselves: their name, their hobbies, and when they chose to join their MUN club.

Students from both schools presented how their school works. Interesting features were notably the number of languages spoken by the students, but…

We’ve all heard of someone whose computer has been ‘hacked’: but do you know about these different types of malware?

First, let’s quickly define the word ‘malware’. Malware is a software which can be installed onto a device in the intent of causing harm. It takes the form of a specifically designed software which will seek to gain access to confidential information or to damage the device without the owner’s knowledge. This can be used for several reasons: most attacks are criminal, aiming to steal information and/or money, but some are merely the fruit of sheer boredom alongside a computer…

Following the announcement from the French Education Ministry that lycées could make classes partly virtual in order to limit the spread of Covid-19, the weekly MUN club at CSI had to adapt. Secondes and Premières are only permitted to come to class for half a day. This meant that the MUN club wouldn’t be able to welcome its usual number of delegates if it continued to hold its meetings in school. Therefore, on 19th November, CSI’s MUN club held its first 100% virtual meeting! The debate centered itself around the culling of minks in farms where Covid-19 had been detected…

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a branch of artificial intelligence concerned with the ability of computers to interpret, understand and employ human language.

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While this technology is swiftly advancing thanks to an increased interest in human-machine communication, it is in no way a new concept. The earliest studies in NLP can be traced back to the 1930s when the first patents for “translating machines” were applied for. Later, in 1950, Alan Turing published his article “Computing Machinery and Intelligence” proposing what is now called “The Turing Test”. The test relies on the ability of a computer program to impersonate a…

Hacking is a commonly known practice to most people in today’s digital era. It is the practice of seeking and obtaining access to a computer or, more generally, a system, without authorisation from the system’s owner. This is often done remotely, via an internet connection.

But have you heard of ethical hacking?

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Ethical hacking is usually applied within an organisation or company for safety purposes. An employee with hacking qualifications tries to hack the organisation’s network, pretending to be an actual hacker. …

Topic: Improving Ocean Health


SPONSORS: Bahamas, Latvia, Libya

SIGNATORIES: Morocco, Marshall Islands, Russia, India, Seychelles, Maldives, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Iceland

Understanding the vital importance of ocean health in the capacity of all the nations of the world to face the present and upcoming challenges in our global world,

Recognizing the damages caused by overfishing to local and global submarine ecosystems,

Considering how ill managed marine resources can penalise and fragilise economies on international and regional scales,

Aware that the oceans supply ⅔ of the Earth’s oxygen and 1/7 of humanities food income thanks to their immense and priceless biodiversity,

The United…

ILYMUN- International Lyon Model United Nations

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