Is Bachelor thesis a hell?

Moving to a public place with an attempt to be more productive.

I’m final year bachelor student in Computer Science from Russia who is working on the thesis which gonna be a graduate work and evidence to get a diploma. And I can say, I perceive that as a HELL!!!

On the one hand, I understand importance of the thesis— I’ve been studying at university for almost 4 years and it’s time to finalize my knowledge — show that these 4 years were useful for me — I just need to apply my brains and analyze a whole bunch of related information — as a result, release something new which gonna be a revolution in a science (joking, never heard about people who made a revolution with their bachelor theses).

Moreover, this is an excellent opportunity to finalize my adolescence choice of major and make another one, being more mature and experienced and knowing what I want, cause I don’t wanna continue developing in the Computer Science field.

I feel me so blessed that I chose CS as my first major cause it gave so wide choice of further education — I can be anybody I want — I have a good mindset developed by CS. And I already know who I wanna be in future — I’m really interested in science of learning, so I gonna get my master degree in Cognitive Sciences.

This is all cool, right? YES! But this doesn’t help me to write my thesis!!!!

I know my goal, I know what to do but I don’t do!

So what’s next? Just give up?


This is a blog how I gonna win on this joyful way to the bright future enjoying the process :)