No, it’s not the hell. Thesis is a Gorilla Butt.

The process of writing an article on a lecture.

The problem of procrastination during the process of thesis writing is the perception of the process as a thesis writing. It sounds like a heavy gorilla smashed you with its big butt. Just listen to how it sounds — this is a work which finalizes your 4 years efforts!!! How much responsibility in that!

But in a real life thesis is just a huge coursework. Sounds less scary, doesn’t it? But it’s really just one more coursework among numerous ones you have had within last several years, if you are a student. Now I’m talking more about my very university but I guess situation is common for any European or American university — if you’re really interested in the topic of course work and wanna continue working on it after submission or managed to make something significant that professor in his turn wants you to continue — you continue working — finalize your work — describe evidence, work process, outcomes of your project/research and submit it as an article to an appropriate international conference or journal. Really looks like working on the thesis but seems less stressful. In a real life the both processes are the same — the only one difference is in the perception.

Moreover, professors are ready to give you a diploma and make you graduate from university without any final work. No problem for them. But it doesn’t work so. In my case, I have a grant agreement where it’s explicitly mentioned that one of my obligations is to write and defend my graduate work which is an indicator in what extent I’ve used resources allocated to me. In other cases, there’re implicit obligations may not be written but still existing. That’s why this is not responsibility of university, professors, friends, family. This is YOUR own responsibility you take at the moment you decide to spend next 4 years in an educational institution.

Conclusion: Thesis is not mandatory. But it’s your personal choice. Once you made a decision to be a bachelor you got explicit or implicit obligations. Once you decided to reach the end of that journey you took responsibility. Are you ready to perform duties? Yes — my respect. Go and write your thesis.
No? What did you forget at university?

Love you all!