Courage without a Gun.

Had to post because I just read maybe the 20th white guy I know post something derogatory about Caitlyn Jenner.

No offense to anyone but let’s clear some things up.

Funny… “courage is being afraid and doing it anyway”.

Not everybody in dangerous situations are afraid... …and, yes, there are things in life that scare you more than dying. Being raped violently, having your entire life taken away and ostracized. Being so physically damaged from violence that you lose some physical abilities. Living your entire life nobly but at the cost of threat to you and your children until you die.

Having a gun and fighting people is brave… ..but let’s be truthful, for many of those times and people they aren’t as afraid because they are excited by the feeling and having a gun. They are brave but they are choosing the time and place to be brave. Guns can have a striking virility to reduce some people’s fear. The empowerment many get out of getting a job with a gun was the point of why some do those jobs. Not all. But not all do those jobs because they want to be heroes. Brave, but not the only brave…

Some people have to walk a life that is fraught with threat.

Physical violence and having the worth of their life removed at any time. We are confused on courage. We have not understood how many pieces of the population have had fear staring them in the face every day for their families, for their children, for their jobs, for themselves, for the violence and for their lives… just because of who they were. Centuries of a structure that put men over women, whites over …well, pretty much everyone, …straight over gay, religion over religion, …all allowing for physical and social violence to be handed to the other when other eyes were not on them.

If you think the bravest thing someone can do is have a gun and fight somebody… Martin Luther King was shot for standing up in a heated spotlight of attention for equality, Harvey Milk stood up and was killed for being gay…

..from Joan of Arc to Matthew Shepherd, from Abraham Lincoln to my friend Bill who was beaten into brain damage on the streets of Boston in 1998 because someone saw him kiss his friend on the street in the south end… From Alan Turing being castrated and growing ‘breasts’ after helping defeat the Nazi’s and pre-empt the invention of the modern computer… to Karen Silkwood driving off the road. From James, Earl and Mickey being abducted on a dirt road in Mississippi and then shot at close range for standing up for what they believe in for civil rights, to the death threats that Caitlyn Jenner now receives most likely every,.. single,.. day.

If not every single day to her personally… …Just by reading comments from people I know (or I would guess most of the people reading this know) I would guess the percentage of people out there that think she is not worthy of life because of knowledge of who she is now is fairly great and that she has threats every single day. The threat is there and she would have to be stupid not to recognize that.

If you don’t think it is brave that she stood up and did what she did…and now has to worry that someone may shoot her anytime she goes out in public… …Yes, shoot her or attack her… ..without her knowing, without being hunkered down with a gun, without a perimeter of fellow soldiers, or bodyguards or police officers surrounding her, without knowing she’s going to have her gun on her because she has no idea who might be one of those MANY crazies and who isn’t … as she walks out of her house every day… she leaves a supermarket… at a gas station in the middle of nowhere. Not going to an incident at a dispatch call… or a tactical maneuver off base with a troop of fellow soldiers. Both incredibly, most-likely, brave, but events that they bank on not lasting the rest of their lives.

Here in Jenner’s case…

Pervasively, most likely for the rest of her life… She will never be out of threat. Not with a fleet of CIA or FBI around her but by herself. With a lot of people who are disgusted and angry to the point that very easily they could… they would act on if had the opportunity. No she did not have to do this. She chose to do it with a representation that will save young women and men like her that were born that way. Not hurting anyone, but as strange and unfamiliar as it is to the rest of us, those souls are worthy of the life they will lead.

…and you don’t think that is CRAZY brave… Then you haven’t lived much of a life.

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