For 15 years,… It’s not reality.

It’s cubic media.

All the diminishing frustration and hype over VR. The clunk headset is going to make all VR temporal.

Everyone needs to stop thinking VR vs. AR vs. MR vs. XR vs. Hypermedia vs. transmedia.

They are all going to be converged. They all will be portals into “cubic media”… Web³ …pervasive, virtual, ubiquitous, layered interoperably extractable media. Not reality.

When we started Hyv after I left NBC and Spelling 14 years ago.. we knew this was the destination and started building/experimenting and shooting for it.

We need to get away from these niches and realize the hardware keeps making mistakes thinking they are the platform. They are the portal. Production, storage, narrative architecture and distribution systems (& the integrated retail systems that will finance them) … are the platform. The storycube of media is the platform. VR, AR, traditional flat screen fil/tv/game etc etc are just a form of portal.

The big change will come when people learn how to do “storycubing” and “HyvMaps” (designing interface and wormholes and layers).

Why Snapchat and Blippar are a better bet than most of these pieces of hardware to create the new platform where virtual real estate within a storycube at inception/planning becomes the commodity.

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