the Layers of a cubic web.

Layering Web³ — Multi-pipe delivery and reassembly.

Inherently by breaking down and setting the goal of (story)cube (data) delivery and layers of interface/broadcast/new TCP/IP structures via telephony and ISP, radio wave, MESH sync/interoperability… We play the Giants against each other centering the power of the platform being the actual media, and creating better competition between delivery.

When we started the Hyv for cubic study/initiative (10+ years ago out of the ideas of 4D storytelling) we knew we had to study how the next generation of web would be cubic and pervasive.

We knew that AR and VR would come out of hypermedia and CG/VFX schools.

We also knew we would need to break down what a browser was and how it worked

…my initial discussions with Mozilla’s Prism initiative and looking crazy ..pre-HTML5… When I first called John L and sent notes to Chris Blizzard… Pre-Layar, Blippar..

Even my discussions with Palmer at Sundance that year 2 years before he launched Oculus initiative… & my subsequent questions at WHATWG group on connection Peer API with Ericsson labs and the HTML5 groups on video and WebRTC.

When we fought getting in every FCC discussion on the Open Web and our writing campaign to FCC &FTC to fight the weakening of monopoly/biopoly laws with some of the ISP and media convergences.

We know that by getting to a point where a cubic piece of collaborative media can be broken down and delivered via multi-pipe structures and synced/rebuilt at the receiver in fluid ways… It would be good for everybody. There are ways that market economics work to strengthen a general population, opportunity, value, security, privacy, selection that are better than others. This is of the former…diversifying the gates and gatekeepers, but heightening the need for better flow, artisanship, execution… & most of all consumer/audience trust.

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