This Christmas… I wish for everyone to be challenged.

Character is very, very important to me. Above everything else I choose to keep people close in my life that actually have tons of character. You learn that from venturing out into the world. You learn what real challenges are when you have nothing but work and you are immersed in people who truly have no support structure, and were not lucky enough to get support from family or birth. At Christmas I hope people get the gift of real awareness outside the protected bubble they grew up/live in. I hope they get to struggle on their own with no support system. To learn to have no roof to turn to. No family, no hand, no birth-born assistance. I hope they learn what it is to not be hired because of pre-conceived notions of their skin color, or the way they speak. I hope they learn what it is, to not be encouraged to do something they want to do because of their gender. I hope they have to be laughed at because they never were given a lesson because their parent could not afford the money or time to. I hope they have a life where they are not the standard and they don’t have a partner, husband or wife or child care. I hope they find themselves choosing between healthcare and rent. I hope they read… ..and read …and read. Not just books told to them on how to “achieve” or entertainment or just books by white guys who look like them (because that is a sure fire way often to actually get dumber)… but books by people who are different than them. Who have different beliefs.

I hope… And wish… Above everything else they learn empathy. There is no greater thing on this planet. Empathy creates responsibility. Responsibility has no meaning without it.

Empathy is where we find Grace… And if you believe in such things, it is where you find God.

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