How to Deploy Apache Solr as SolrCloud on HDFS in a Production Cluster

Harsh Jain
Apr 27, 2016 · 6 min read

#Requirements for this guide

#Install Lucidworks-HDPsearch package

yum install lucidworks-hdpsearch

#Notes on Config files for HDFS


#Modifing Config files for HDFS

<directoryFactory name=”DirectoryFactory”
<directoryFactory name=”DirectoryFactory” class=”solr.HdfsDirectoryFactory”>
<str name=”solr.hdfs.home”>hdfs://<host:port>/user/solr</str>
<str name=”solr.hdfs.confdir”>/etc/hadoop/conf</str>
<bool name=”solr.hdfs.blockcache.enabled”>true</bool>
<int name=”solr.hdfs.blockcache.slab.count”>1</int>
<bool name=””>true</bool>
<int name=”solr.hdfs.blockcache.blocksperbank”>16384</int>
<bool name=””>true</bool>
<bool name=”solr.hdfs.nrtcachingdirectory.enable”>true</bool>
<int name=”solr.hdfs.nrtcachingdirectory.maxmergesizemb”>16</int>
<int name=”solr.hdfs.nrtcachingdirectory.maxcachedmb”>192</int>


# Changing to Solr user

Sudo su — solr(input password)

#Starting Solr

bin/solr start -c (1)
-z,, (2)
-Dsolr.directoryFactory=HdfsDirectoryFactory (3)
-Dsolr.lock.type=hdfs (4)
-Dsolr.hdfs.home=hdfs://host:port/path (5)

#Adding nodes to Solr

ssh <nodeName>yum install lucidworks-hdpsearch

#Creating your first collection

bin/solr create -c SolrCollection (1)
-d data_driven_schema_configs (2)
-n mySolrConfigs (3)
-s 2 (4)
-rf 2 (5)

#Verify & Enjoy!


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