Comparison, Learning and a Bird Swarm: A Unique Perspective on Self Growth in Today’s Business World.

People in today’s world are more competitive than ever. Whether you are in the incubation phase of starting your own business or are already out there, almost everyday you are going to meet people online or offline who can be more skilled or experienced than you. While it sure is a good sign that you are surrounded by the right people given the amount of knowledge you can gain and learn from their experiences, the demand and pace of today can lead one to a deadly comparison trap from where if finding oneself trapped in, learning can be a hard effort. This problem is actually quite generic and can be extended outside the corporate world too. Comparison with others is inherent to us and the survival of it means that evolution found this to be a helpful trait. However, a recurring habit of it can sure lead one to deadly paths. Comparison is not entirely bad. It can provide with an estimate of the difference between two individuals or groups and that really is the true purpose of it. Comparison is helpful in its beginning stage and from there on wards its presence only restrains the learning process.


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