This probably is a very late eulogy. This also means, it took me that long to find the nerve to put together words without breaking down or loosing my composure.

So here goes the story of two little friends who “are” brothers (from two close families) for a lifetime.

Photo by sudip paul from Pexels

I was almost a year old when he arrived (Hari Krishnan, referred to as Kichus from here on).

We both grew up sharing toys, getting new dresses together for Onam, buying crackers together for Vishu, fighting for penalties and 6s (and ofcz making amends the very next day).

I took for…

“Is our agent online? Let’s ask Phoenix Presence!”

Dockup is a tool that helps engineering teams spin up on-demand environments. We have a UI that talks to several agents which are installed on remote servers. The UI sends commands to these agents over WebSocket connections using Phoenix channels.

What if agent went down?

The commands to spin up and manage environments are sent over to agents running on remote servers. For this to work, we need to make sure our agents are online and ready to receive the commands. …

Be more confident about your code changes by adding end-to-end tests that run for each deployment you create on Dockup.

End-to-end testing is a technique used to verify the correctness of an application’s behavior when it works in integration with all its dependencies.
Running end-to-end tests have become exceedingly complicated over time as companies embrace service oriented architecture and monoliths turn into micro-services.

In this blog post, we’ll see how to use Dockup to automatically spin up on-demand environments to run end-to-end tests for every pull request.

We will be explaining this based on but you can follow the…

Spin up on-demand staging environment to test out your custom plugins and themes for WordPress

Setting up a staging environment and maintaining it for every theme/plugin project for WordPress can be very daunting. Quite often when website developers work on design implementations or content creators try to add articles to their website, they tend to seek approval from team members more often than one can imagine. This can be a tedious amount of work and also time consuming if the team is limited by availability of staging environments.

Dockup helps you mitigate this problem by providing on-demand staging environments for…

“See how your Jekyll site and articles look like before you publish them.”

Want to see how your site will turn out before you publish? Just open a PR on your repo and Dockup will spin up a live site for you!

Assuming that you have a Jekyll blog in place, let’s see how we can dockerise it and create a Dockup Blueprint. Here’s the Jekyll site we’ll use: Minima.

We’ll add a couple of files to the root directory:

  1. Dockerfile to build the docker image of our site.
  2. nginx.conf to serve the static site using Nginx.
Dockerfile and Nginx…

“To be successful, the first thing to do is to fall in love with your work — Sister Mary Lauretta”

Well, the Google Summer of Code 2016 is reaching its final week as I get ready to submit my work. It has been one of those best three-four months of serious effort and commitment. To be frank, this has to be one of those to which I was fully motivated and have put my 100%.

Well, at first, the results of training wasn’t that promising and I was actually let down. But then, me and my mentor had a series…

“Now that the basic aim was fulfilled, what more can we work on, given there is almost half a month to GSoC Submission!”

Well, as of now the phoneme transcription was done purely based on the manner the word was written and not completely based on the Speech pattern. What I mean is that there are some exceptions in how we write the word and pronounce it (differently). This was pointed out by Deepa mam. She also asked if I could possibly convert some of the existing Linguistic rules(algorithms) that was made with Malayalam TTS in mind, so that it…


Well, the title says it all. The computer just recognized what I said in my Mother Tongue! A major step in the right the direction.

For this to happen, I had to complete the Acoustic Model training. So then!

What is Acoustic Model!

Well it is a set of statistical representational parameters used to learn the language by representing the relation between audio signal and corresponding linguistic features that make up that speech or audio ( phoneme, and transcription! ).

To produce these we need to set up a database structure as documented by the CMU SphinxTrain team. Some…

Finally, I can start the work towards Milestone — 2, which is completing the development of Language Model for Malayalam. Time to completely switch to Ubuntu from here on. Why?

Well, all the forums related to CMU Sphinx keep telling that they won’t monitor the reports from Windows anyways, and since all the commands and codes mentioned in the documentation is more inclined to Linux, let’s just stick to it as well. After all, when it comes to Open-Source, why should I develop using Microsoft Windows. (** Giggle **)

What is a Statistical Language Model?

Statistical language models describe more…

“ In open source, we feel strongly that to really do something well, you have to get a lot of people involved. — Linus Torvalds ”

I have always loved the idea of Open Source and have been fortunate enough to be participating in one of the world’s best platform for a student to develop, grow, and learn. Google Summer of Code 2016 have gone past it’s mid-term evaluation, and so have I. The last couple of weeks have been in a slow pace compared to the weeks in June.

contribution graph — May-June-July

This is simply because, I was ahead of my schedule…

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