Tokopedia Tower | Pic Credits: Ray Yapari

Last September, I decided to leave my home country India venturing to Indonesia, in order to pursue my career as a product designer at Tokopedia. It was a risky decision which got me anxious and excited since this is my first experience working abroad in a country which language I am not familiar with. Reaching my third month in the company, I admit that the environment has been delightful compare to the working environment I have witnessed back in India.

A brief description about me

I pursued and completed my B.Tech in Information Technology from SRM University as an undergrad. During my 10th standard summer vacations, I pursued a basic Web Designing and Graphic Designing Course through which I learned Adobe Photoshop only. So, I get asked all the time what I did and what resources I used to become a Designer.

Taking a Risk in your Career

You should take risks and you…

Guru Prasath

Lead Product Designer at Airasia

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