San Diego Gay Pride 🏳️‍🌈 2017, Saturday day 1 of 3

This year is my first time at Pride! The event itself is amazing! Everyone is so free, so themselves without apologies.

I went for business and pleasure — business because I’m now working as an Account Executive for, a site for same-sex couple to find LGBTQ friendly wedding vendors. Although same-sex marriage is legal, couple still have a hard time planning weddings. They’re constantly regarded as the wrong sex, dealing with people who don’t fully respect their love, etc. As an AE, I sell ad space and websites to wedding vendors who want to expand their clientele to the LGBTQ community. The websites and ad spaces come with social media marketing, the freedom to advertise your. business the way you want to, and even sensitivity courses to better serve same-sex couples. I took the job because I want to expand my & others’ awareness of the LGBTQ community and their struggles with marriage equality in the USA.

I have the entire city of San Diego as my territory. Its both exciting and intimidating. Today, I was a bit in over my head at Pride Festival. It brings in a lot of people! I figured as much, but being by myself made it that much more noticeable. I planned on meeting up with friends that were already there, but never got to. There were lines everywhere to get into bars and restaurants and I couldn’t get into one place to meet a friend because I didn’t have money for the cover. Ugh 😑 I hated that! After that happened, I was pretty much over it. I definitely would’ve prepared better if I had known better!

I’ve never been the person to walk up to people and just start a conversation. I’m shy in the regard. So not having people with me to talk to and sort of support me kept me from talking to people, handing out stickers, and making myself know in the community as a resource and supporter. It was the perfect time to do so too. I screwed that up 😞 I even dressed the part a bit.

On my way home. Not feeling much success of marketing the company.

I feel like shit, but still feel like I didn’t completely fail. I did get to experience Pride and posted a few stickers; I got plenty of sunshine and exercise with walking around; I got inspired to go out and try again another day. I think maybe the event was just too big and much for me to start. Just going to trust this process and keep going 🙂 There are two more days of the festival.

On a more positive note, this woman actually lifted my spirits a little bit when she photobombed my selfie. She caught me off guard and you can see it in my smile lol 😂 but it was cool. She’s adorable!

If you’re a wedding vendor and are interested in serving same-sex couples, have a look at Please feel free to leave a comment expressing interest or email me at 🏳️‍🌈