The first experience with yoni eggs

This is about to get a little… TMI. Talking women’s health… something going inside of somewhere. Just a fair warning!

Yoni eggs — an ancient female tradition for connecting deeper with femininity. Most known in the Chinese ancient tradition, yoni eggs gave Chinese women more awakened sensuality, access to sexual power, and amazing health. With that said, its obvious why women who are looking for those same benefits use yoni eggs.

Yoni eggs are semiprecious stones carved into egg shapes to be inside a women’s vagina. They’re also know as Jade eggs and are sacred tools for spiritual transformation.

My egg pictured above

I chose (and currently have inside of me) a medium drilled Nephrite Jade egg, perfect for beginners. The healing and transformation, energies are more gentle than other stones. I can tie a string to it (that’s why its drilled) for easier removal and he size is just right. It feels pretty natural. Definitely more natural than a tampon. I don’t like those 😣

Before I inserted it tonight/this morning, I worked with it last week and the week before, just holding it and aligning it with my chakras, and sitting on it. I waited until after menstruation to use it. Right before inserting it, I meditated a bit in the dark with only my diffuser lighting the room. A chant came to mind “cleanse my heart, make me new; heal my heart, make me new.” I said that several times. Then I lied back on my meditation cushion with my hips raised, and inserted it — still chanting, saying the phrase.” I sat up, and have been meditating, sitting in the dark, did a couple of stretches ever since. That was about an hour ago and it’s still in me.

I feel really relaxed, like in a confident, strongly faithful way. I’m also sleepy 😌 it is after 2 am though. I feel good, even feel good about sleeping with it. Curious about my dreams with it inside of me.

Dreams to come next (or, should I say cum next). Yoni eggs help with that too 😉

Ladies, have you used yoni eggs? Care to share your story for what’s to… there it is again… come(cum)? Share your story and get a free 20-minute call on how you can set boundaries for self-care!