I was interviewed at Amazon Web Services and it went bad really bad…

Amazon Web Services

Last Month i was super happy , i just graduated from my four year computer science engineering course. A decent grades and marks are enough for me to sustain my career as a software engineer in India, so i started applying to companies and got decent job offers from various companies from a starting package of 3.5 LPA(INR) to 12 LPA(INR). I am the only guy from my batch who got selected in 9 companies. All these job offers came to me as a moral booster for me and i rejected all of them just to take a shot at the big tech companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft or Facebook.

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious” : Albert Einstein

With as little as $100 in my pocket that i earned doing freelance web development, i travelled all the way down to Bengaluru the silicon valley of India. I stayed there over a week and using some contacts i applied through an employee referral for the post of cloud support associate and within two weeks i got an email from AWS.

The interview process :

The email has mentioned very briefly about the topics for the interview .So i started preparing almost everything that i could touch. I started learning Linux, Networking , Data communication ,Operating System, Database. The interview has a separate aptitude section along with 2 basic coding questions. I got 90 minutes to solve almost 62 questions that was achievable. I prepared well looked through some basics and i was ready for it.

What Went Wrong :

  1. Time management :- The level of aptitude that prepared and questions where bit high, it was taking me almost 3 minutes to solve every question and i have just 20 minutes to solve 25 questions.
  2. Coding Section :- I have never done competitive coding, the questions where pretty basics but my knowledge of using an online compiler was not up to the mark, i almost ran 5 minutes short just how to input my own test case in the compiler.
  3. Technical Aptitude :- Well , I am a computer science graduate , i should know it well? Ya I should and i wasn’t confident There was a very simple question What is Modulation? I know it , converting a digital signal into analog signal. It is the correct answer i know it, at the time of interview i was so confused i ended up giving the wrong answer.

My Preparation were not up the mark ,i should have pushed myself a bit more ahead but i do believe that bad experiences makes good experiences.

I learned a lot from my failure.

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