Artists With A Lens: Making Wedding Memories Last Forever

One of the most important components to a wedding is securing the right photographer. Couples want a company that will document their special day in a way that they will always cherish and look back on fondly. Based in Berkshire, Greater London, UK, I-maani Photography is the wedding photography business of husband and wife team, Sher and Shital. The name of the business is a combination of the names of their children, Isha and Amaan. Because they are a couple with two children who has been together for 20 years, they understand how important it is to capture special moments through the art of photography.

Becoming parents is the life-changing event that made them venture into the field of photography. Sher and Shital view their craft as a form of storytelling, and using a documentary approach, they provide customers with photographs that are clean and contemporary and reflect the essence of the event. They are very conscious about not over processing images, and they are experts in light manipulation to achieve desired looks. Sher and Shital do not do staging, instead working to capture natural expressions. Both are lead photographers, with Sher providing the overall vision, and Shital contributing a wonderful eye for fashion imagery.

I-maani customers report feeling at ease from the initial consultation to their wedding day, and use words like dedicated and passionate to describe Sher and Shital. They work in collaboration with their clients, and have proven that they can deliver professional services and an impeccable finished product. They connect personally with customers, and are fully aware of the wedding environment, which is one of joy, optimism and overall positive energy. Sher and Shital appreciate the fact that in their chosen profession, each day is full of different experiences.

Sher and Shital have a great deal of experience doing photography at weddings from diverse cultures and traditions. While they have covered Christian ceremonies, most of their work documents Asian ceremonies. This includes Hindu, Sikh, Muslim and South Indian weddings. In addition to the work they do in the UK, they have also worked internationally in such countries as the United States, India, France and Italy. I-maani Photography has earned global accreditation through the Wedding Photojournalist Association, and they are also members of the Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalists and the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers. The company’s impressive website includes an extensive photo portfolio, a blog, client testimonials and a client proofing portal.