Studying User Experience Design in undergrad

As a incoming freshman in college, your mind wanders all over the place. There are endless of different career paths — but how do you know how to pick which one?

For me, this was a large struggle as an incoming freshman. I knew I liked design, but I didn’t know how to apply my passions to a stable career path. I looked into art school, took a few classes and figured that it wasn’t the type of design I liked. I figured okay well maybe artitechture. I proceeded to go down the same path as art school, and knew that still wasn’t the path I wanted.

During this time of testing new fields, I would always come back home and try to plan my life out on iCal. There were a variety of other online calendar applications I could pick, but I always stuck to iCal because it was easy to use. Easy to use — remember this. I would be so content making my calendar look clean and simple — by choosing which colors, fonts, and shapes each event would be.

Months passed by, and I still had no idea of what I wanted to do. I decided to go back to my calendar and try to schedulce an academic appointment with my advisor. The tab won’t let me change the color from blue to green — so of course, I turned to Google to see what was wrong. I clicked on a forum and figured out the problem within seconds. I saw the user who commented the answer had a title I had never seen before : UX designer. I clicked on his profile to read more — and was shook that a field like this existed.

I spent the rest of that month, researching more about the field of UX. Not only did the design part intrigued me — but also the intersection of technology and humans. This intersection was (and still is) the dopest thing out there. The fact that people created a field to see how humans interact with technology — and how to create an overall better experience for users.

Within a few minutes of seeing the UX title on the forum, I knew this field was for me. I was skeptical at first due to UX being a new field which I thought meant limited learning resources — but it was the opposite.

Since I am a Michigan native, I researched more about University of Michigan’s different programs. It came to be that the School of Information added a new sector to their previously Master/PHD program to undergraduates. I was beyond amazed — not knowing how everything kept falling into place. Soon after, I attended an informational meeting and fell more in love with the school. I found out that my major title could be as specific as User Experience Design, Informational Analysis, or Social Media.

After much debilitation, I sought to choose my initial passion — User Experience Design. I am beyond thrilled to start my last two years at University of Michigan — School of Information as a User Experience Design student.