Hi. Am the new Intern.

My name is Mabweh Isaac. I have a story to tell you. Its the first of its kind so far that I’ve taken time to write down digitally. Working at MovingWalls is a thrilling experience.

It all began when I emailed a copy of my resume to the internship coordinator at MovingWalls. I had never sold myself to anyone before, but with honesty as a virtue, I made myself a valuable product that can meaningfully contribute to a company such as MovingWalls.

Smiles from the Heavens, I got en email requesting my presence for a life interview at MovingWalls address in Cyberjaya. I was excited as well as panicked. “what if I stuttered during the interview” I thought to myself.. “But hey, I will never know until I tried” was the phrase I encouraged myself with. I did the interview, all dressed up formally in a well ironed white collar shirt. It wasn't my style of fashion at all, but it wasn't fashion or beauty that brought me here, it was getting a job and that was more important to me at that moment. My clothing sense meant nothing. Long story short; I got accepted. “Yeah, I did it” I quietly screamed as I used the stairs to exit the building.

December 14th was the day for me to start my internship, it arrived like a storm, a storm I’ve been expecting. I dressed properly, said a few prayers and left my house for the office. I can’t remember having anything to eat for breakfast, the anxiety in me was enough to scare away hunger. Being a tardy person (I sadly admit it), I arrived 13 minutes late to work. As I walked into the office area; the office room, I knew my life would never be the same again. I will meet people that will build up lasting memories with me. I guessed right, I met ‘Carl’ an intern. If the term Senior Employee exist, well he was a Senior Intern. He is no longer with us at MovingWalls, he has moved on to expand on his skills as a ‘graduated intern’. That’s the kind of experience you gain at MovingWalls, you are nurtured, not in a Young Working Kindergarten, but in a camp, a place you can even call home, where you walk the bridge as someone trusted and guided by your supervisors. I believe I will find working in the corporate world a lot easier after my studies because of what I’ve learnt in school and what MovingWalls has allowed me to experience; solving real world problems.

So I got my company email on Tuesday, I was asked my ‘Carl’, to send a greeting to everyone working at MovingWalls through my new email. I had the urge to rebuke his suggestion but then I realised, I needed to do one thing that seemed ‘ridiculous for a new intern’, that way my co-workers will know I am not afraid and I want to fit into their environment. I sent out the email and that was how I let out most of my fear of being an intern amidst Corporate individuals who have been working here longer than me.

I got assigned to begin on a couple of task, Data Analysis and Events Research, it was like being in school all over again. But this time around with an immediate deadline and a requirement to report my accomplishment daily to my supervisor.

I did pretty well for my first week as an intern. I might have looked like a Novice, a scared cat, an inexperienced MS Excel user, a shy bird you can say, but that how Eagles begin to Soar, from the bottom, to the top of the skies.

If you have read this far, it means you now know a lot about me as a new intern. If you only read this paragraph, well here is all I can say to you. “Hi. Am the new Intern”

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