How Can We Achieve Age Diversity in Silicon Valley?
Steven Levy

I am nearly 50. I have noticed something NOW that I never noticed before…mobile apps are hard to use.

I can figure them out easy enough, but often the text is too small or there isn’t enough contrast to see the text. For instance, I downloaded the Lyft app which wanted me to enter account information. That is fine, but the text was dim grey against solid black which is hard to read.

I know, “geezers gonna have to adapt” and I do. I use zoom for web pages (not possible on apps) and manage. However, the Lyft error made me wonder how smart the designers really are. It would seem to me that some of their potential clients have trouble with vision (which is why they need a Lyft…duh!) and making it hard to even start using the app would send them to the other company.

Other things in design which are ‘obvious’ to them may not be so obvious to others. It took a lot of years for me to realize that the software I produce can operate perfectly but if it isn’t easy to use, it is a failure.

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