Making Baby Steps (literally!)

On the journey to the top how prepared are we for a fall? Like a major one. A fall that can land you flat on your ass back to the very footstool where you once started. Are we prepared for that blow to our ego who takes all the credit for how far you had made it up to this point? Or even more, are we equipped with the will power and determination to dust ourselves off and start over again?

One decision can change the course of your life for just that…. a Lifetime, the same way it did mine. From a personal perspective, it was amazing the thought of having another opportunity to bring forth life. To birth another child was something I didn’t even consider after the 9 year mark had passed and my now middle daughter had turned 10 years old. I felt blessed with three incredible gifts already and complete… even though deep down lurked the desire to have that second son and final child. I was not completely surprised when news of my pregnancy came, as the Universe hears the call of our deepest longings. But I certainly was not ready.

It wasn’t long before life as I knew it changed. All of my life came to a standstill as my priorities shifted from career, to my health and well being. I knew this all too well. The incapacitation that occurs as a result of Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

So there I was building this business with my bare hands as a health food chef. I had planned and mapped the moment out so well, and was pleased with the customer response and support and feedback. I was planning on the next steps to grow my business and finally achieve what I had been working for years as an entrepreneur to accomplish. But SPLAT! I fell. And it’s taking me 12 months and counting to get back up.

I’m coming to realize though that this isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it’s a great thing if we are open to taking full advantage! The super thing about that space of time when it seems we’ve fallen from grace is the beautiful opportunity for transformation, reflection and appreciation. We can look up and be reassured that restoration is within reach or we can look down and ask ourselves, “how did we get here?” and wallow in the devastation of our circumstance.

Spending months in bed in a stillness with life around me whirling and rushing past definitely opened my eyes. Two things really stood out. Life will continue to go on whether you are an active participant or not and as cliche as this may sound, the things that we value — notice I said things- are not nearly as valuable as the people and experiences we under appreciate. Life served as a reminder that we really need to put our daily activities into perspective and create priorities around what is truly important to us.

Image found on web. Not my property.

So today I am four months post delivery. The first few months my mind was poo and my body was poddy. I couldn’t grasp what I needed because I was overwhelmed by the feeling of panic. It was like flailing away in the ocean frantically thinking your life depended on it. Overlooking the fact that you are probably more likely to drown from exertion than from the inability to swim. When I was able to identify that I needed to just CALM DOWN and remember I got this! I was able to start making baby steps towards recreating my future.

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