What I learned in 2017

Getting closer to year end I wrote my NY resolutions on peace of paper. After reading them again and comparing them to last years list I found they didn’t change much but after I did an reflection on the past 30 years I made some conclusions on what helped me grow in the previous 2017.

The Pursue of Happiness

If you were a wired kid like me you always wondered if you will grow to become somebody. Lesson learned wierd kids grow to be interesting and exceptional Grown ups. So Keeping the Kid in me and embracing who I am made me experience true happiness. It’s a fact that you can’t please everybody so I spend time with those that matter most and I can do the most impact. My resolution for this year Spend more time with my loved ones and devote myself to topics I care about.

My wife comes first :)

Strive for Success but stay Humble

We read that people change once they think they became better than others! Well its not far from the truth just few more euros in the pocket, some mentions in the Media, some extra likes on facebook instagram and the instant gratification makes people feel superior. My resolution for 2018 is Be kind and don’t be envious of people. We see just the tip of the iceberg and just what others want us to see as we are unaware of all the struggles, blood, sweat and tears of our peers. So I stoped comparing myself to others in 2017 . Somewhere I read that we are the average of the 3 people(friends) we spend time the most… that is why I try to stay humble and Don’t be cocky.

Invest in yourself

With over 10 years in Informal Education, Startups, Training and and numerous Self help books at the end is all about commitment, being curious and asking the write questions. I love the Specialist Generalist concept Elon Musk has and don’t believe in 10K hours Professional and that is why i try to accumulate experience rather than knowledge. So in 2018 I will continue what I wrote last year Spend at least 10% of my free time and 3% of myearnings on personal development and education. Now education is free but sometimes is worth paying for.

Start Small dream Big

If you are a heavy procrastinator like me and it took 2 years to write my first Blog than start small and than grow it. Usually I get discouraged by the magnitude of work or effort I have to put in order to achieve something so I end up missing few opportunities. Using the phrase “Get out of your Comfort zone” is very easy to pronounce but so hard to put in practise so this is a year of Baby steps.

A very obvious example is my fitness achievement since I AM FAT. I have been going up and down 20Kg in the past 5 years with wardrobe constantly ranging from L to 3XL. I wrote last year to reach 100Kg (at that time 117) and guess what I didn’t lose those 17kg I added additional 17 in 2017 so I am changing my resolution to Be moderate in eating and cut down white sugar and white flour.

Finish what you Start

I finished my first Blog finally. Its the baby step towards a better me in 2018