5 Things To Expect From Social Media In the next 5 Years

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Aug 29 · 4 min read

Social Media platforms were created to connect individuals from across the world together and that’s fantastic, but with the growth of social media, there will be a great decline in physicality and physical activities in the next 5 years.

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In 5 years, this helpful tool is sure to be much more than what it is today. Networking, VR, and content sharing are sure to be a few of the key changes social media will see in the coming years.

In this article, we have highlighted five of the most notable changes we can expect and you can also give your suggestion in the comment section.

1. Social Media will be at the core of everything and will put an end to most of the Physical practices In the World

Face to Face Relationships, Colleges, and even some kind of jobs will basically die or will be close to dying as almost everything will be done on Social Media especially with the fact that mobile technology itself will evolve to give users a more emotional and practical feeling of what you get physically and even online courses and digital learning institutions are taking over from colleges. Considering the rising costs of learning, shifting trends and even the demand for online colleges, we will see the paradigm of education shift towards online institutions. Even in Politics, the volatile and unsafe nature surrounding political activities could lead to actual online voting and not just the physical polls even in a country like Nigeria.

2. Social Media Will become divided into two halves One for Personal Relationships One for Businesses:

The Origin of social media started when Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Severin and a couple of their college buddies decided to create a platform to help connect people with each other Harvard. This experiment “The Facemash” evolved into what we now know as Facebook and since then, the world has seen over a thousand social media platforms (212 according to Wikipedia) come into existence.

In the past few years we’ve seen social media become more about businesses and business owners using it as a platform to sell their business which is good for business but it has deviated from the primary aim of Social Media which was first to connect friends and loved ones together whether separated by distance or In a close-knit group. So with Facebook who are the Grandaddies of Social media have created their own Influencer marketplace platform (Brand Collabs Manager) I predict that Social Media as we know it will become separated into two different and distinct entities and each platform will need to have one arm for personal relationships and one arm for businesses.

3. Content and Social Media in itself will become more traditional and ethnic: The World as we know it is a Global village and with the rise of social media there was a trend of cultural integration and everyone trying to explore the different cultures that social media had made easily accessible to the indirect detriment of their own individual culture.

In Nigeria and the world generally, everyone is finally becoming pro Nigerian and pro cultural in the sense that the average trends in Nigeria is more or less about Nigerian products and services, be it Movies, Music, Food, Sports, News, Languages and even in dialogue, the cool thing is no longer to sound foreign but to sound Nigerian. So also on social media, traditional, local and ethnic content, caption and trends are the ‘In’ thing and I predict that we will probably have a strictly Igbo, Hausa or Yoruba social media platform to unite Individuals and create an avenue for the different ethnicities regardless of proximity.

4 All Major Social Media Companies May become owned and regulated by one single body: This is a prediction based on the recent trends and happenings in the world today. With World Politics, Sports, Economics, and laws becoming more Universal and The World becoming not just a global village on the internet but in reality as well as Social Media as you know it.

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and their collectively smaller networking sites are owned and run by the same company and with the way things are going most smaller social media platforms may be bought over by the bigger ones and even when that doesn’t happen, we may even have a Union or a Governing body like UN, or EU or FIFA and likes for Social Media Platforms.

5. Virtual Reality (VR) will become the New Social Media: This may even be me looking further into the future past the 5year prediction that this article is supposed to talk about but with the way this generation and all that comes with it (Trends, Habits, and tastes) are ‘Super-Rapidly’ evolving, there is a fair possibility that in the next 5 years Social Media as we know it will transcend beyond texting, tweeting, writing captions and liking pictures and posts and into VR where I can just Pick up my oculus glasses anywhere I am in the world and BOOM I’m watching the UEFA Champions League Final with my Facebook friends or my WhatsApp group members or on whatever social media platforms that integrate the use of Virtual Reality devices and I’ll be able to communicate, air my views and opinions without actually typing or reacting with a keypad.

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