How to Use Your Trade Show Display to Generate Leads for Your Business

Lead generation is one of the most potentially profitable reasons to exhibit at a trade show. There are few places, in fact, that provide you with such a concentrated source of potential leads as does the right trade show. As a result, crafting a trade show display that will make the most of this opportunity is vital. Following are a few of the ways in which you can leverage your trade show display design in order to capture more leads at your next event.

Clearly communicate your message.

The central feature of your trade show display design should be your marketing slogan. This short, to-the-point sentence or phrase should immediately communicate the information you want potential leads to hear. When the messaging is both on target and instantly noticeable, it will serve as an effective way to capture the attention of qualified leads and draw them to your booth instead of to one of the dozens (or hundreds) of other booths at the trade show.

While your marketing team is in charge of drafting the right message, you and your exhibit company’s design services are responsible for making that message visible to trade show attendees. This is where your trade show display design becomes an essential component of your trade show marketing efforts: It provides the eye-catching context within which your message is portrayed.

For instance, crafting bold, branded, and clear signage can make your name and message more visible than your competitors’. The skillful use of lighting can highlight your message, and large, readable fonts will make it easy for attendees to see your booth from across the room. Delivering a clear and visible message will bring in far more traffic and, therefore, more qualified leads than will a message that is hard to find among the many other signs clamoring for visitors’ attention.

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Emphasize your business’ unique qualities.

In addition to crafting a message that is clear and visible to attendees, you will need to deliver a message that sets your business apart from your competitors. For instance, it should establish a specific way in which you stand out from your competitors, or clearly communicate what benefits you offer to your customers. The exact wording of this message is up to you and your marketing team. However, by using your trade show display design, you can make these qualities clearer and more appealing to trade show attendees.

For instance, the graphics you use on your display can include images that illustrate the differences between you and your competitors. Recessed screens, tablets, and TVs can include presentations and videos of customers enjoying the benefits of your services as opposed to those of your competitors. Even the mood you set through the use of your display materials can be used to differentiate yourself from your competition. The result should be a greater flow of attendees to your display who want what you specifically have to offer.

Use technology to capture contact information.

A large part of successful lead generation is getting people who want what you have into your trade show display. However, the second part of the process is convincing them to leave their contact information so you can follow up with them after the trade show. Traditionally, this process has involved exchanging hard copies of business cards or writing down contact information on lists. However, this method risks the loss of information if the cards or contact lists are misplaced.

This is why using technology in your trade show display to capture this information tends to yield greater leads than does the traditional method. There are a number of ways you can build lead generation technology into your trade show display design. For instance, you can encourage visitors to leave their contact information on tablets placed throughout the display or use mobile apps to take pictures of their business cards. While this technology should only be one part of a larger, interactive technological experience at your display, it can lower the number of lost contacts you suffer, as well as enable visitors to leave their information even if all of your sales people are busy assisting others.

Minimize obstructions to traffic flow.

Lead generation is only possible when visitors can easily enter and navigate your trade show display. If they encounter any obstructions such as bottlenecks or slow moving lines, they are more likely to abandon your display without interacting with your staff or leaving their contact information for follow up. For this reason, it is important to keep traffic flowing smoothly through your display, even when there are large or unexpected crowds.

Your trade show display design can contribute to a better flow of traffic by minimizing obstructions to movement. For example, if you reduce the number of heavy tables and chairs, or minimize the amount of technology in the middle of the display, you can more easily move furnishings to the edges of the room to accommodate larger crowds. By working with your exhibit company to craft a design that maximizes visitor mobility, and by eliminating potential blockages in doorways, you can also make your display look more welcoming to attendees. The result will be more lead generation, as more visitors will come to your display and stay long enough to become impressed by your business.

Lead generation at your custom exhibits can mean more business and more profit for your company. By optimizing your trade show display design, you can maximize lead generation and improve the overall ROI of your trade show investment. By clearly communicating your message, emphasizing your business’ unique qualities, using technology to capture lead information, and minimizing obstructions to traffic flow, you will earn more qualified leads and enjoy greater trade show success.