How Your Trade Show Competition Can Help Improve Your Custom Trade Show Booth

In the world of business, and especially in the world of marketing, competition is inevitable. It is how you respond to that competition that will allow you to stand out from the other businesses in your field and earn the sales you need to keep your company growing.

When it comes to trade shows, competition is often stiff. Dozens or hundreds of businesses all appear with their trade show exhibits in the same limited space hoping to earn the attention of the same pool of people. During these events, you have two choices: To ignore your competition in favor of solely promoting your own brand, or to use your competition to create the most compelling custom trade show booth in the exhibit hall.

Clearly, using your competition to your advantage is the best choice. But how can you make the most of your competition’s presence? Here are the ways that you can use your trade show competition to benefit your custom trade show booth before, during, and after the event.

Your competition can help you decide which trade shows to attend.

Before you ever begin discussing design and materials for your custom trade show booth, you need to decide where you want to exhibit. Depending on the industry your business occupies, you may have many trade shows from which to choose. Since you cannot exhibit at all of them, it is important to select the one (or ones) with the best chance of earning you brand recognition, leads, and sales.

Your competition can assist you in this process by showing you where your target audience is most likely to be. For example, say you are trying to decide between two different shows. Upon analyzing the exhibitor list, you discover that several competing brands will be at one show, but not the other.

Their presence indicates that you are likely to reach your target audience at the show and that; therefore, you may want to set up your trade show exhibit there.

While the presence of your competition is not the only criteria to use when choosing a trade show, it can help to confirm your decision to attend a particular event, or signal a need to rethink your trade show exhibit’s presence at a show where your competitors’ presence will be sparse.

Your competition can guide your choice of exhibit space before the trade show.

In addition to helping you identify the best trade shows to attend; your competition can guide your choice of exhibit space. The exact exhibit space you choose will depend upon a number of factors (such as your budget, the location of the space, and so forth). However, one of the factors you need to consider is the kind of exhibit space your competitors will have.

For example, you may want to avoid being right next to a major competitor, especially if your business is smaller or just starting up. At the same time, you may choose to place your custom trade show booth in the same area of the exhibit hall as your competitors in order to draw in the same kind of traffic or to benefit from the increased crowds surrounding a high profile competitor.

In addition, you may want to reserve a booth space that is about the same size as your competition’s. If you were planning to reserve a 10x10 space, but discover that your primary competitor is filling out a 20x20 space, you may need to direct more of your budget toward a larger custom trade show booth in order to compete effectively near their larger trade show display.

By taking your competition into account in these ways, you can more confidently and successfully choose an exhibit space that will set you up for trade show success.

Your competition can serve as a source of inspiration for your custom trade show booth.

Every booth at the trade show will be different. Hopefully, each will reflect the unique values and benefits available from the individual brands present on the trade show floor. At the same time, however, it is possible to glean ideas for your custom trade show booth by seeing what your competitors are doing.

For example, you may discover that your competition has begun to use LED lights in a new and exciting way. Or, you may find that they introduced new materials to their custom trade show booth that add interest and appeal. You may even discover giveaways, contests, and events that can spark your imagination as you decide how to design your next custom trade show booth.

When looking for inspiration from your competition keep in mind two things (1 Make sure to put your own unique spin on the ideas you get. For example, LED lights can be integrated in many different ways to achieve the look that is right for your unique brand. (2 Only take away ideas that mesh with your brand and goals. Your business is unique, so you need to use design strategies in your custom trade show booth that reflect that uniqueness in order to help you stand out on the trade show floor.

Your competition can provide insights into how to use technology to your advantage in your trade show exhibit.

In addition to giving you ideas regarding the design elements you could use in your next custom trade show booth, you might also find out that your competition is using technology in new and interesting ways. Pinpointing new pieces of technologies or creative uses of current technology can help you to adopt technological strategies that can help your own custom trade show booth succeed.

For example, perhaps you will discover that your competition is using RFID readers to alert attendees to the presence of their trade show display whenever they are in the vicinity of the booth. Or, perhaps you notice a new type of display case that is allowing for more interactive engagement with the products on display. These uses of technology can help you to identify new ways in which technology can support your own trade show exhibit.

As with design ideas from your competition, be choosy about how you implement ideas from your competition. Anything you use should mesh with your brand, goals, and budget. If you need help, your exhibit company may also be able to help you tweak your idea to fit the particular needs of your trade show display.

Ultimately, your competition can spur you to create a custom trade show booth that allows you to stand out from the crowd. When you are able to familiarize yourself with the way in which your competition is doing things, and then create a custom trade show booth that not only does these types of things, but does them better, you set yourself up for trade show success.

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