When to Use a Modular Trade Show Display

Each type of trade show exhibit, including the modular trade show display, has its own distinct advantages. Because of their specific features, modular trade show displays are useful in a number of situations that would otherwise make event exhibiting difficult or impossible. Knowing when this type of display will most benefit your business can help you to more confidently select the right type of display for your needs. Following are a few of the situations in which a modular display might allow you to succeed at your next trade show.

Consider a modular trade show display for varying exhibit needs.

One of the main advantages of modular trade show displays is their versatility. Unlike custom trade show displays, which generally consist of a single shape and size, modular displays can be reconfigured in a myriad of ways. For instance, the same modular display can often be configured to fit both a 10x10 space or a 10x20 space, depending upon how its various interchangeable pieces are put together.

Because of this versatility, modular trade show displays are ideal for situations in which your exhibit needs vary widely from show to show. For instance, if you find that you have two differently-sized display spaces for two shows, you may need a modular display to fit both spaces. If you discover that your display space is awkwardly shaped, you may find that a modular display allows you to make the most of the space. In addition, with a portable display, you never have to worry about purchasing exactly the same type of display space from show to show, giving you flexibility when reserving future display spaces.

Consider a modular trade show display when you need to tweak your message frequently.

A custom trade show exhibit typically consists of a single message which takes time and money to change. If you find yourself needing to tweak your message more than about once a year, therefore, you may prefer the flexibility of a modular trade show display. These displays possess a skin that covers the metal framework. The messaging on this skin can quickly and inexpensively be updated in between shows. As a result, it provides a simple way to target your message for every trade show you attend.

This ability to target your messaging allows you to address the issues that most interest the attendees at each trade show. For instance, one trade show may be focused on digital communication, while another may be focused on Internet security. As an IT firm, you may find it useful to use a modular display to highlight your company’s expertise in each area. Tweaking your message in this way allows you to more directly demonstrate how your business can meet the particular needs of the show’s attendees.

Consider a modular trade show display when dealing with a tight budget.

Money is always a consideration when choosing which type of display to purchase. For businesses facing tight marketing budgets, an affordable display may be a necessity. In these cases, you may find that a modular display suits your needs best. These portable displays tend to be less expensive to purchase, because they do not need to be constructed from the ground up.

In addition to their lower purchase price, these displays also tend to come with fewer transportation, installation and dismantling, and drayage costs. These are the costs associated with bringing a display to the exhibit hall, transporting it to the display space, setting it up and taking it down, and getting it back home. These costs can add up quickly for large, heavy displays. Modular trade show displays, however, tend to be relatively light weight and, because they come apart into a number of pieces, are also very portable. The reduced expenses and lower purchase price of these displays, therefore, may make it possible for you to partake in industry events despite a tight budget.

When you want customization without the cost.

One of the main benefits of owning your own display is the opportunity to customize it to your particular brand and messaging needs. Doing so is part of what makes your display stand out among the many other exhibitors at industry trade shows. However, as mentioned above, many companies face tight budgets that may make it difficult to pay the expenses associated with fully custom exhibits. As a result, modular trade show displays may offer a satisfactory middle ground for businesses looking not only to save as much money as possible but also to achieve as much customization as possible.

Modular trade show displays boast a high degree of customizability, even though they are not customized from the ground up. For instance, the ability to re-skin the displays quickly and easily, as well as the ability to reconfigure the display to match your specific display needs for each show, make them a wise choice for customizing on a budget.

Modular displays offer a number of benefits that make them smart choices in specific instances. Whether you are facing varying exhibit needs, tweaking your message frequently, dealing with a tight budget, or looking for customization without the cost, they provide you with a high-quality display option. In order to select the best display for your needs, however, you may need to consult with a skilled exhibit company, like Imagecraft, that can offer you a variety of options and help you think through which type of display will perform best at your next trade show.